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Card Sale

Card Sale: Midwest Expansion

Card Sale: Midwest Expansion

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If you're ready to take your Card Sale game up a notch, this deck is just what you need. With 54 Midwest-themed cards, including 25 Thing cards, 24 Feature cards, and 5 Action cards, you'll immerse yourself in the charm and humor of the Midwest.

Decked out with hilarious items like the "Hunting Jacket," "Stop & Go Light," and "Bratwurst," and features like "Gosh Darn," "Bought it off a Cubs fan," and "Beer Battered," this expansion is guaranteed to make your deck grow and your game even more uproarious. Just remember, this is an expansion pack, so make sure you've got yourself the base Card Sale game before you go spending your hard-earned dollars on this here Midwest Expansion. Get ready to bring a little Midwestern flair to your potlucks, parties, and small town bars with the Card Sale: Midwest Expansion!

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