Play For Free

Not sure if you want your own copy of Card Sale? Play it for free*

Play virtually:

You can play Card Sale on Tabletop Simulator by subscribing to it on the Steam workshop here! Please consider leaving a review or rating on Board Game Geek if you enjoy it.

Play in person:

We have granted copies of Card Sale to some really cool pubs, and gaming lounges that provide games for their customers to enjoy. Stop in at any of these awesome places with some friends, grab a drink, or some snacks, and give Card Sale a try.

  • Badger State Brewing - Green Bay, WI
  • BarleyPop Tap and Shop - Madison, WI
  • Nicky Migz Place - West Allis, WI
  • One Barrel Brewing - Egg Harbor, WI
  • The Boardroom - West Bend, WI
  • Warpstorm Games & Lounge - Greenfield, WI
  • Boardlandia - Appleton, WI
  • Guthrie's Tavern - Chicago, IL
  • Inventors Brew Pub - Port Washington, WI
  • Rook & Pawn - Athens, GA
  • Gamers Geekery & Tavern - Cary, NC
  • I/O Arcade Bar - Madison, WI
  • Roll Play - Madison, WI

Is your favorite public place to play games not on the list? Nominate them to receive a free copy of Card Sale by filling out the form below.

Did you stop in one of these places and they no longer had Card Sale available? Let us know by submitting the form below and adding that there is no copy available in the comments area so we can either send them a replacement copy or remove them from the list. Thanks!

*By free we mean you don't need to buy a copy. Some of these venues may charge a fee to play games, or at least sell food & drinks, which you should absolutely buy if you are playing games there.

Nominate a business to receive a free copy of Card Sale

Please only nominate places that already provide board games for their customers to enjoy.

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