How To Play


Find at least 3 other people that want to play a game with you. Choose one person to be the “buyer”
How to play card sale - doodle of 5 people you could play with
Everyone else takes 2 Thing cards and 5 feature cards
Card Sale - image of Thing Card & Feature Card backs. Draw 2 Things and 5 Features
Your hand might look something like this:
a poorly drawn hand
The cards in it might look like this:
Example hand of two things cards and 5 feature cards
You could also get a feature card with an “action” that will further your chances of crushing the competition!
Example action cards

The Initial Pitch

Clockwise from the buyer, each player plays 1 thing and 1 feature from their cards, face up, and pitches the resulting ‘product’ to the buyer.
Example of an initial pitch
After a player makes their initial pitch they discard their unused thing and draw a replacement feature. Players should always have 5 features in their hand. After the initial pitch, the game is played in rounds.


Clockwise from the buyer, each player plays one feature card on any product in play and pitch, or criticize the product based on how the added feature affects it.

Example Round
You may rearrange the order of the cards of any product you interact with on your turn.


At the end of each round the buyer eliminates one item from play.

elimination example



Rounds continue until only one item remains. The player with this item is the winner and will be the buyer for the next game.

The rusty, double decker, solar powered monster truck that goes to 11, shoots lasers, and was used as a murder weapon is the last product standing & winner!