Charlie Berens and Dane Schaefer signing copies of Card Sale

Thank you all for making 2022 Amazing.

By this time next year we'll all be wondering how we used to have fun in 2022 BCSE (That's before Card Sale Era)... The last week was a very busy one for us but we got all of the orders shipped out for backers that had surveys complete and shipping paid, and roughly half of those have already been delivered! We are so excited to see and hear about your Card Sale sessions...

As you start playing, please share videos/photos/stories either by tagging us @cardsalegame on Instagram and Facebook, or if you aren't into that sort of thing, email them to us! We can't wait to see what products you come up with, and hear about the fun you're having.

Thank you all for an amazing 2022, we hope Card Sale helps to make 2023 a real banger (do people still use that phrase?) 

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