Card Sale production update

We have an update on our production timeline and wanted to keep you up-to-date. Unfortunately, the fluorescent inks we are using are not something that are often just kept on hand (if only we were doing this in the early 90s), which means Delano is currently waiting for them to arrive before they can begin printing. They're hoping to receive the inks on November 29th and begin production in the days following that. The inks also have a longer cure time, so they won't be able to cut them for a week after that. Once all of that is complete we need to get to signing the prints for those of you that have signed copies coming. If everything goes absolutely perfect we are hoping to do that on December 7th or 8th. If things don't line up however, there will unfortunately be one more week of delay as Charlie will be out of town for the following week and we wont be able to do signings until December 17th or 18th. So, we are crossing our fingers, you might want to cross yours too! As soon as we get the signatures done Delano will complete the boxes, pack them, and can begin shipping your rewards shortly after. We are hoping shipping will begin sometime between mid and late December. We will keep you posted over the next few weeks as we get a better idea of how things play out.
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