Card Sale fully funded in just 48 hrs!

Well butter our buns and call us biscuits, folks! We've only gone and done the impossible - FULLY FUNDED our Kickstarter in a whiplash-inducing 48 hours! That's shorter than a weekend bender!

Let's rewind a bit: when we embarked on this wild yard-sale-inspired card game adventure, we had hopes. Not high-flying, pie-in-the-sky dreams, but honest, grounded, "let's-make-our-mamas-proud" kinda hopes. And oh boy, did you deliver!

We're honestly so flabbergasted, we're about two steps away from turning into those inflatable arm-flailing tube men. We wanted to thank every single one of ya for showing up and throwing in your two cents (or more).

But wait, there's more! Our Kickstarter clock is still ticking, and like an infomercial at 2am, the best is yet to come. We've got Backer Achievements, stretch goals, and more fun than you can shake a stick at! Heck, we might even throw in a stick. And remember, with your support, we’re aiming to make Card Sale not just a game, but THE game. Like, "first-to-be-saved-in-a-house-fire" level of awesome.

So keep those shares, likes, and follows coming. Let’s make Card Sale go viral - in the good way, not the "I caught something from Aunt Gertrude's questionable potluck dip" way.

Y’all are the peanut butter to our jelly, the cheese to our macaroni, and we can't wait to get this game into your hands.

Cheers! Charlie & Dane

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